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Liana McLachlanLiana McLachlan
Having taken driving lessons and failed my test once about 10 years ago, I decided that it was finally time to get back in the driving seat and get my licence. I looked up driving schools on the internet and straight away LDC's unique learning system appealed as I liked the idea of being prepared for and being able to tailor each lesson in order to spend more time driving and practising during the lesson itself. I decided to go for a semi intensive course given my prior experience and to suit my working hours. My instructor David was patient and knowledgeable and helped me every step of the way. He was also very flexible when it came to organising lesson times and when I had to postpone some lessons due to personal circumstances. I'm so pleased to say that I passed my test first time under David and the LDC systems' tuition. Thanks for all your help David

Alex FinlayAlex Finlay
Passed 1st time
I would like to start by stating I am not a natural driver, nor do I possess any special talent. I had no confidence, would panic and had a bad memory that made acquiring new skills difficult. David Turned me from an anxious learner, with shaking legs, mashing on the pedals and sawing at the wheel into a disciplined, precise driver with a silk smooth style. With David’s help I passed 1st time at Shieldhall - hardest place to pass the test in Scotland.

If you want to pass your driving test you need to affiliate yourself with someone like David, that is trustworthy, professional, relaxed, understanding and patient. David provided me with the tools/ formula to navigate complex situations for my driving style to solve the problems that I faced instead of a cookie cutter style that dictates this is the only way to do it. This was very beneficial during the test as I encountered scenarios that you just cannot practice.

David provided a learning environment that was supportive and specifically tailored to my needs. David focuses 100% on the solution to help you achieve your goal instead of lecturing you on your mistakes. His explanations and communication are simple concise and easy to understand.

The LDC system focuses on ability to control the car first so that it’s as easy as tying your shoe, freeing up your mind to focus on hazard perception, awareness and planning. During the course of the week we covered: all the manoeuvres, turning left/right, hazard perception drill (MSM), junctions, roundabouts, crossroads, traffic signals/crossings, busy roads, dual carriageways etc. We also had discussions on nerves/fear, how it was natural, how to acknowledge and harness that energy.

David always showed up on time with the car immaculate. I’ve got long legs at 6’2” and felt like the car was made for me, with all the adjustments on the seat etc. This really helped my control of the pedals. The electronic handbrake also made roundabouts/junctions so much easier. I’d imagine this would be beneficial for someone without a lot of upper body strength. The automatic restart also makes stalling less stressful, just depress the clutch and the car restarts. Because the lights/windscreen wipers are automatic I didn’t have to faff around with them on my test. You will also have a good view within the car with lots of reference points for manoeuvres/road position. I got the Parallel park as well as the bay park in my test-aced both using David’s advice.

I was Nervous before my test but all that vanished and my training took over. When the examiner told me the independent driving route I would be taking, I had to stop from giggling. David had a feeling that I would be taken on that route and we had practiced it the night before.

I don’t know if it was possible but David’s smile seemed bigger than mine when I was told I had passed. He seemed genuinely happy for me.

Thank you, David, !!!!

Sean ClarkeSean Clarke
David from the LDC Driving school was professional and patient throughout the whole of my driving course. This kept me calm during difficult situations while still being able to enjoy each lesson through his rewarding and positive attitude.